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Eli Ball

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you.

Eli Ball

I am Eli Ball, the Creative Director of Eli Ball. Eli Ball is my Lifestyle brand based in Durban, South Africa, with the catchphrase “Made In Africa” Whilst growing up I loved sketching and playing around with fabric and different styles. And here we are. 27 years later. What a feeling! Euphoria!

After showcasing my Autumn Winter 2016 Collection & scooping up the Top Three Interns Award at the 2015 Durban Fashion Fair (DFF), I had the great privilege of traveling to Italy and studying Fashion Branding and Communications for two months. While there, my inter-city travels earned me a wealth of knowledge, coupled with divine inspiration. I’m busy making HISTORY. My HISTORY. Welcome to my World!

The Made-In-Africa Story

Over a decade ago I made a promise to myself and our Clients that no matter what, the Eli Ball Brand will always be produced in Africa. For many moons, all I’ve wanted was to produce merchandise in Africa & export it Globally. Building our industry and the economy. Nothing misleading & I was doing my bit for fair trade.

For now, I am working on positioning my brand on a national level & at a later stage, I’d like to become an international lifestyle brand. Production is all done within South Africa at the moment, but someday, when I have spread my international wings, the production will be done throughout Africa.

In a nutshellGive Back to our People!

Made in Africa – The Brand

Out of all the things I love doing, being a creative is it … It’s what drives me to wake up every day and create! Every journey has ups & downs, this one is worth it! Creating elegant pieces is like making magic for me. I really would like the end user to feel extra special & experience that feeling I felt when I was designing the item. Currently, I design clothing, accessories & household textiles on a Made to Order basis and I am busy designing Pret a Porter collections which are available on my online store. Nothing mass-produced. Yes, our merchandise will not compete with “Cheap Fast Fashion”. We prefer good quality merchandise that is classy, well made, never dates, and has been made with the utmost awareness of Fair Trade in an unfair world industry!

For me, everything is about feelings… Yes, there are bad feelings but let us celebrate the good feelings. In a world where we all depend on them so much, something great happens when they develop into a passion that you can pass on to others through a lifestyle brand. I want my brand to reach individuals who recognise & identify themselves as individuals.

Beautiful Individuals. Thank You for choosing the Eli Ball. A truly Made-In-Africa Experience!