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Eli Ball

Follow your passion, and success will follow you.

Eli Ball

I am Eli Ball, the Creative Director of Eli Ball made in Africa. A Fashion Lifestyle Brand based in Durban, South Africa. I loved sketching & playing around with fabrics as a kid & I realized where some of my true talents were at that young age. And here we are many moons later! Still playing around and creating some magic… Euphoria!

For me, everything is about feelings… There are good & bad ones. In spite of that, let us celebrate the good ones more. In a world where we all depend on them so much, something Magical happens when they develop into a passion that you can pass on to others through a Lifestyle Brand. I want my Brand to reach Individuals who Recognise & Identify Themselves as Individuals.

… Beautiful Individuals  

Eli Ball – The Brand

I favour Good Quality Merchandise that is Classic, Comfortable & Well Made with the utmost awareness of Fair Trade in an unfair world! One Design at a Time!

For now, I am working on positioning my Brand Locally. I’d like the brand to become an International Lifestyle Brand. Production is all done within South Africa at the moment, but someday, when I have spread my international wings, production will be done throughout Africa. I am busy making history.

… My History

The Made In Africa Story

I made a promise to myself & our clients over a decade ago that no matter what, my brand would always be produced within Africa. Nothing Mass-Produced. Our Merchandise will not compete with “Cheap Fast Fashion”. Rebuilding our industry and the economy One Design at a Time & giving back.

… To Our People